The Complete Story of Mormonism You're Entitled to Know.

     The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has over 60,000 full-time missionaries throughout the world at any given time. These nice, young, clean-cut men are serving a two-year stint of proselytizing; in  bringing the Mormon gospel to prospective members for their church.
     These missionaries have an interesting story to tell. However, it is not the complete story. Many deeper doctrines are purposely omitted and are to be revealed only after the converts are baptized and become members.
     The author feels quite differently about this sequence; that a person should know all the facts ahead of time and be able to make an "informed decision" about something this important. The ethics of  this deceptive practice are explored here.
     This book is devoted to disclosing the complete story of Mormonism -- the things the missionaries will not tell you -- and the reasons why.

Table of Contents

1   Who are These Nice Young Men?
2   The Great Apostasy
3   Don't Trust Your Bible!
4   The First (?) Vision
5   The Early Joseph Smith
6   Translating the Plates
7   The Book of Mormon Witnesses
8   The Anthon Transcript
9   Is the Book from God?
10  Mormon Archaeology
11  Goofs and More Goofs
12  The Burning in the Bosom
13  The Only Authority
14  The Mormon Prophet
15  The Prophet's Prophesies
16  The Persecution Complex
17  Polygamy
18  Things It Would Like to Forget
19  I Can Explain That
20  Temple Work
21  Changing World of Doctrine
22  What Mormons Really Believe
23  The Book of Abraham
24  The Mormon Mindset
25  Mormon Cultural Thinking
26  The Mormon Version of Truth
27  Latter Day Myths
28  Censorship and Repression
29  The Mormon Economic Machine
30  Is Mormonism a Cult?
31  If You Really Insist on Joining
32  My Unanswered Questions
33  The Ethics of It

Free Preview Chapters

Chap  6  -- Translating the Plates
Chap 12 -- The Burning in the Bosom
Chap 14 -- The Mormon Prophet
Chap 16 -- The Persecution Complex
Chap 24 -- The Mormon Mindset

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